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What Are The Benefits Of Video Conferencing

What Are The Benefits Of Video Conferencing

Video conference is an activity which is conducted with the help of telecommunication technologies. This activity helps more than one person to communicate with each other, no matter whether they are residing in the same location or at any location all around the world. It is a simultaneous audio transmission and two-way video transmission. It is basically a type of groupware and is often referred to as visual collaboration. Video Conferencing is highly used in corporate sectors where people residing at different company locations have to interact with each other may be when a small group discussion or a corporate meeting is taking place. This very popular communication technique requires the use of powerful computing processors, video compression techniques, and many other powerful communication equipment. It is very helpful in media, medicine, and education.

Video Conferencing is somewhat similar to telephonic conversation with the addition that here you can see the live person talking on the television screen. In more simple terms, Video Conferencing is a face to face conversation. Some advantages of Video Conferencing are given below-:

  1. It allows you to reach any person at any time immediately, no matter what place you are residing and at which place the other person is residing. Time difference between countries and states can be neglected and you will be a part of the conference without actually going to some long distance location.
  2. Phone calls are limited to two people who want to have a small conversation. This web-based technology allows for a large room where people from different locations can easily interact with one another and in the most effective manner. This will give a feeling that actual members are sitting inside the conference room and conversing. You are able to see each other as well as hear their voices perfectly. This technology is developing day-by-day so issues like poor picture and voice quality have been resolved.
  3. You can share visual display like PowerPoint presentations, etc. easily with one another when everyone is attending the conference at the same time. This gives a feeling that everyone is in the same room and everyone is focused and on task.
  4. The virtual whiteboard helps different people on conference to include their ideas or thoughts on one collaborative space. This will help them plan actions as well as collaborate on a particular slogan or design instantly.
  5. With the help of more advanced services, you can change documents as well as type them directly from other connected computers into the conference. This helps businesses to enhance greatly.
  6. Some disadvantages of Video Conferencing include:
  7. The total set-up cost is the biggest drawback when it comes toVideo Conferencing. There are some cheap options available but they have limited features and functionalities.
  8. Often poor picture or sound quality makes the situation worse. In such a condition, you are not able to view a clear picture of the other members present. Voice problems are also encountered if appropriate equipments are not used which again adds to the cost.

The disadvantage of video-conferencing are that a high bandwidth communication link is necessary so as to transmit and receive high-definition images. There is a short time lag between receiving and speaker responses that can interrupt the natural flow of a conversation.

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