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Key Issues in the CIA and its Impact on Justice Profession

Key Issues in the CIA and its Impact on Justice Profession

The CIA is an intelligence body formed in 1947 to assist the then existing security systems with the various means of acquiring, and acting on intelligence about potential criminal activities that threaten the security of the country. It is responsible for the large proportion of criminal intelligence conducted internationally by the US government. 

Key Issues in CIA

One of the issues affecting the CIA is lack of a better mechanism to eradicate the existence of rogue agents that operate in a manner contrary to the constitution of the United States especially when carrying out interrogation services to ascertain the truth from suspects. There have been instances in which the CIA has been accused of using inhumane means to source information from suspects, and this has tainted its name (Larry, 2006).

The other issue has been how to identify the officers within the body who have been compromised by the terrorists. CIA is not exempt from officers who act as sympathizers for the terrorists. These officers leak intelligence to the terrorists, which in most cases jeopardize the US governments mission in war against terrorism. Dealing with such officers is one issue that gives most patriotic officers in the body a headache (Andrew, 2003).

The third issue affecting the CIA body has been the implementation of policies that are preventing the officers in the body from manipulation by certain politicians who may want to use them to achieve certain political goals that may be against the constitution of the United States of America. The body has been in the past been used to assassinate certain people either inside or outside the US to achieve certain political goals by criminal minded politicians (Larry, 2006).

The endeavor to eliminate the terrorist sympathizers from the force should be given first priority. The level of internal security determines the success of any other activity that a given country involves in. A country must be at peace first before one can talk of ensuring upholding of human rights.

Human rights are another aspect of life that should always be upheld by the security forces of any country. It is therefore important for the body to clean itself and the image it creates that it is a force that uses rogue means to acquire intelligence. Any intelligence body is respected if at all it respects human rights as it performs its responsibility (Andrew, 2003).

The last priority should be given to the measures aimed at protecting the force from political misuse. The problem is not currently a big challenge as compared to the first two. The number of political assassinations that involve the use of CIA officials is not currently a big problem for the body. 

These issues are no doubt having a negative impact on the criminal justice profession by portraying justice delivery as discriminatory. This picture is contrary to that envisioned by the US Constitution in which everyone is deemed equal before the law. In order to ensure the support for the judicial activities in the country it is important for all arms of governments to be seen operating with accountability as far as the law is concerned (David, 2006).


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