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Health Benefits of a Magnesium Rich Diet

Health Benefits of Magnesium Diet

Usually, people think that what is the way to consume magnesium from daily food. Only one way to get magnesium is consuming magnesium containing diets. People do not know that from past some years every diet is losing nutritional values. Dietitians suggest that how to take enough magnesium by consuming everyday diet. From 1950’s there is much reduction in nutritional values of food products because the reason is consuming processed food. Vegetables are losing 25 to 80% of magnesium levels and there is a loss of 80 to 95% of magnesium in pasta because the reason is grains are polished and processed excessively. Because of these, there is much reduction in magnesium levels and such as several minerals.

What has occurred in our diet resources? Why human beings are suffering from chronic diseases like hypertension and metabolic diseases.

Diets containing low amounts of magnesium

Why magnesium is available in fewer amounts in our diet the reason is the development of technology and industrialization in the agriculture field. Because of the processed and refined food, these are a reduction in magnesium levels in food. American food consists of 50% magnesium in bare grains. More people are suffering from a deficiency of magnesium.

What are the health benefits of Magnesium?

Magnesium containing diets:

  1. Nuts and Beans
  2. Whole grains like whole wheat bread and brown rice
  3. Green leafy vegetables
  4. Factors influencing magnesium absorption

The magnesium consisting food is fish, nuts, Whole grains. These have high amounts of magnesium. In little amounts of food, these is high levels of magnesium is available. Absorption rates of magnesium are constantly changing depending upon the factors. Those factors are oxalic acid, phytic, Some drugs, age, genetic issues.

Disadvantages of high magnesium containing diet

Now a day people are not getting sufficient magnesium food. What is the reason for the reduction of nutritional values in diet?

Reduction of magnesium levels in food:

  1. Processed food.
  2. Decrease in fertility of the soil.
  3. Modifications in food habits
  4. Processed diet

Generally in polishing of grains bran, white flour and germ are taken off from seeds. While polishing nuts and seeds are processed into oils. Oils will be boiled. Manufacturers add chemical preservatives to foods. By these, all the processes magnesium is taken off from food.

  1. In the processed oils there is a lack of magnesium.
  2. In the processed oils there would be 0% magnesium.

For an illustration Safflower grains consists of 680 mg of magnesium in 1,000 calories. But Safflower oil does not consist magnesium because of processing Processed seed loose 80 to 97 percent magnesium.

In the processed flour twenty minerals are taken off. If flours are added some nutrients it can get again just five minerals. But magnesium cannot be added. Processed sugar loses total magnesium.

Molasses is one form of sugarcane. It is the processed product of sugar cane. It consists 25% of magnesium in one tablespoon.

By food refining, there will be raise in caloric values. For an illustration, when wheat is processed into white flour, there will be raised in caloric value by 7%.

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