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Everything you Need to Know About Small Portable Generators

Everything you Need to Know About Small Portable Generators

Small portable generators can produce power for one or two electrical devices. They cannot power several appliances in your home at once, but they can power up smaller individual electrical units. The typical small portable generator has an electrical capacity of up to 2,000 watts. Such a capacity can power a small refrigerator, slow cooker, laptop, or television set.

The great thing about small portable generators is they’re mobile, lightweight and easy to carry. They have a handle on top which you can grip with one hand. You don’t need to wheel them around on the ground like with the larger and heavier portable generators. If you travel frequently and need to haul around a generator which doesn’t take up a lot of room in your vehicle, then a small portable generator is the best option.

Like any portable generator, the smaller ones are basically mini-engines that you can move around freely. They have internal combustion engines which require gasoline fuel in order to function. It is really no different than how automobile engines require fuel for the same reason.

Once the engine runs, the mechanical energy produced causes the integrated alternator to rotate rapidly. As that happens, electrical energy is produced. Again, this is just like how the alternator in your car produces electrical energy to power the onboard accessories, such as your radio, air conditioner, GPS, etc. 

However, the electrical energy of a small portable generator gets sent to its electrical outlets on the outside. These outlets look the same as the outlets you’d find in the walls of a house. Just plug your electrical device or appliance into the outlet of the generator. Make sure you understand the wattage limits of your generator and the wattage requirements of your electrical items.

Most people use small portable generators as backup generators for their larger counterparts. But if you’re going camp or take a long road trip and you don’t want to stay in hotels, then you can have all your basic electrical needs taken care of by your small portable generator. You could use it to charge your mobile device, computer, or portable grill.

As for the price, it all depends on the wattage capacity limit. A small portable generator with a 1,500-watt capacity will cost around $300, while a generator with a 2,200-watt capacity will cost $500. Compare this to the large portable generators that are $1,000 to $2,000 and have a 12,000-watt capacity. The generator you choose simply depends on your needs and budget. 


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